15 stages in 75th Rally Poland

(24.07.2018) 15 stages and nearly 216 competitive kilometres to cover – this is the challenge for the crews, which are going to compete in 75th Rally Poland. Seventh and penultimate round of FIA European Rally Championship will be held between 21st and 23rd of September. There rally will be based in picturesque town of Mikolajki, just like in last 14 years.

Three days of competition are about to begin in the evening on Friday (21st of September). However, the very first chance to see high-speed gravel action will occur in the morning, when rally crews will tackle a brand new Talty stage, where free practice, qualifying stage and shakedown test will be run. The results of qualifying stage will determine the starting order for the first leg of the rally, which is extremely important on fast Masurian gravel stages. In the afternoon fans can gather around main square in Mikolajki, where start ceremony is planned. Just two hours later Mikolajki Arena - the opening stage of the rally - will go underway with crews competing simultaneously in pairs.

On Saturday (22nd of September) drivers and co-drivers will face as many as 8 stages (4 tests, all of them run twice) with total distance of 115 kilometres. Among Saturday’s stages only well-known Swietajno test will be exactly the same as it was in previous edition, including the famous Rosochackie jump. Meanwhile on Paprotki and Stare Juchy tests, crews will go in opposite direction. What is more the route of Paprotki has been shortened. There is a brand new stage in Saturday’s itinerary too – Mikolajki Max. This gravel challenge begins north of Zelwagi locality, while the last section (around 1,5 kms) and finish is placed at Mikolajki Arena. This kind of stage has never been run before in Rally Poland.

The final day of the event comprises 6 stages (3 different tests, all of them run twice). The most remote test, which is Goldap is now longer and will run in opposite direction. Meanwhile Pozedrze stage is shorter, comparing to previous edition. Less kilometres is not the only one change, as mentioned stage barely uses the route from previous season. The final stage of the 75th Rally Poland – renowned Baranowo test will also run in opposite direction. Masurian gravel battle will come to the end in Mikolajki, where finish ceremony will be held on Sunday afternoon.


75th Rally Poland programme

The route: 953,47 km
Special stages: 15 = 215,92 km
The shortest test: OS-1 Mikolajki Arena, 2,50 km
The longest test: OS-11 and OS-14 Goldap, 19,90 km

Friday, 21st of September

07:30 – 09:30: free practice for FIA ERC priority drivers, Talty (3,26 km)
10:00: qualifying stage, Talty (3,26 km)
11:00 – 12:30: shakedown for non-priority drivers, Talty (3,26 km)
15:00: Start ceremony, City Square, Mikolajki
17:00: SSS-1, Mikolajki Arena (2,50 km)

Saturday, 22nd of September

06:45: Service A, 15 mins, Mikolajki
07:30: SS-2 Paprotki 1 (15,97 km)
09:05: SS-3 Swietajno 1 (19,60 km)
10:00: SS-4 Stare Juchy 1 (13,06 km)
11:30: SS-5 Mikolajki MAX 1 (9,13 km)
12:00: Service B, 30 mins, Mikolajki
13:00: SS-6 Paprotki 2 (15,97 km)
14:35: SS-7 Swietajno 2 (19,60 km)
15:30: SS-8 Stare Juchy 2 (13,06 km)
17:00: SS-9 Mikolajki MAX 2 (9,13 km)
17:18 – 21:30: Flexi Service C, 45 mins, Mikolajki

Sunday, 23rd of September

06:45: Service D, 15 mins, Mikolajki
08:05: SS-10 Pozezdrze 1 (13,45 km)
09:10: SS-11 Goldap 1 (19,90 km)
11:20: SS-12 Baranowo 1 (15,60 km)
12:10: Service E, 30 mins, Mikolajki
13:45: SS-13 Pozezdrze 2 (13,45 km)
14:50: SS-14 Goldap 2 (19,90 km)
17:00: SS-15 Baranowo 2 (15,60 km)
17:40: Service F, 10 mins, Mikolajki
18:20: Finish ceremony, City Square, Mikolajki











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